eFiling Through PeachCourt

Peach County Superior Court now accepts electronically filed documents in general civil and domestic relations cases through PeachCourt, the best way to access and file court documents in Georgia.

Anyone - attorneys and non-attorneys alike - can register for a free account. Once registered you can initiate a new court case or file into an existing case. Many courts provide online access to file-stamped case documents. To get started, visit peachcourt.com and register for your FREE PeachCourt account. 

Please keep the following in mind:

  • eFiling is optional and is an alternative to filing printed documents by hand.
  • Filing fees and costs are processed electronically through PeachCourt at the time of filing.
  • PeachCourt uses email to provide you with alerts related to your filings.

A few things you need to know:

  • Any member of the Georgia State Bar can register at no cost.
  • You can initiate and file into General Civil and Domestic Relations cases.
  • PeachCourt is open 24/7. No more rushing to beat a 5 PM deadline.
  • You can avoid printing, mailing, driving, parking and standing in line. eFiling saves time and money
  • You pay all fees when you submit the filing.  Pay with your choice of Visa, Discover, MasterCard or bank draft.
  • Unless ordered by a judge, eFiling is not mandatory. The choice is up to each attorney. If opposing counsel chooses to file on paper, you can still eFile!
  • After the clerk accepts your filing, you will receive a file stamped copy of each document at no additional cost.
  • For $3, PeachCourt can email file stamped copies of each document to any number of service recipients.
  • PeachCourt creates these for you automagically: Case Initiation Form, Summons and Sheriff’s Entry of Service.
  • PeachCourt saves time and money. Register and eFile Today!

For answers to all your eFiling questions, contact PeachCourt:

Jay Bland, Esq.
Director of Attorney Support
844-GA-EFILE (844-423-3453)

As Peach County Superior Court Clerk, I am a member of the Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia.  The Clerks’ Council has partnered with GreenCourt Legal Technologies to create PeachCourt as the most convenient way to eFile court documents in Georgia.Our mission is to provide every resident with the greatest possible access to the justice system. My office is committed to making this program a success. As Clerk of Peach County Superior Court, I encourage and appreciate your genuine feedback on the process.

Sherry Gonzalez
Clerk of Superior and Juvenile Courts